You can make changes to your site with the tools available in WordPress. Below are links to individual tutorials.  You can also access all the videos with the following youtube play list.

Adding Banners

When you add your profile to an escort directory, they often require something in return. Normally they will require you add a banner to your website. Only add banners when it is required. Do not advertise other websites, where they are not giving you something in return.

The instructions below are for adding a banner link, where the website provides the code, and also host the image and gives you the location of the image. Some websites require you to host the image your self. In that rare case you will have to load the image into your website, find the location (url) of the image, and edit the code they provide with the image location.

This demonstration shows the following.

  1. Enter the WP Link Directory
  2. Scroll through the links
  3. Delete a banner and link
  4. Add a new Link. The Website URL and Website Title do nothing other than help you find an entry. The Description is where you past the banner code. Click Add Link
  5. Scroll through the list to show tour new entry.

    This shows you how to login and customise your control panel. It also show you the major areas of the control panel.


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