Prices are divided into two types of payments. The price for the site, and then the annual or monthly charge for hosting and maintenance. There are options for both the initial site and maintenance.

New Website charge.

A website, (based on Content Management System, you can update it yourself) , including a large gallery, blog, calendar and a more thoughtful and designed unique layout.  The price for this is £100.   This includes the first year basic maintenance (Bronze £40), and your .com domain name.


Escort Directory Listing Service

  • Initial submission to search engines and advertising on industry related directories. (10 directories)  The price for the listing on 10 directories is £100.


Bronze Maintenance

This is the most basic maintenance of the site. It covers the cost of hosting the site, making off site backups of your site so that it can be recovered in the event of a disaster. Recovery of the site in that event. Charges for domain name renewal. It does not cover updates to your site, other than very minor help.

Price £40 a year in advance, but included in the first year a bronze site.


Silver Maintenance

This level provides all the Bronze level, but also includes changes to your website. Not unlimited changes, but quite a few.

  • You can expect me to change your images a couple of times a year.
  • I will add promotion links to your site when asked, i.e. I will accept banner exchanges for you and exchange banners for your site with a number of other web designers and websites.
  • I will add banners on your request.
  • I will update the content when you require you require. Special offers, proce changes. This is not a complete rewrite of the site, but changes to the existing content.
  • With a CMS system you should not require this maintenance, but for busy people who do not want to get into the intricacies of changing their site then this facility is available.

Price £10 a month or £100 a year in advance.


Gold Maintenance

A complete package. All the above, but a proactive promotion of your site. Continually promoting the site through various external trade directories. Also includes featured advertising on my own escort directories.

  • You can expect to have changes made to your site very quickly,
  • new pages added to the site,
  • and a major update to your site on a yearly basis.

Price £40 a month or £400 a year in advance